Nov 24, 2021 MHS Blog

Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

PXL_20210604_135859769.PORTRAITMonarda fistulosa, commonly known as Beebalm & Wild Bergamot, is a native wildflower. As a member of the mint family, Wild Bergamot emits a light aroma from its leaves. Native to most of the U.S., it has been used by Indigenous peoples to make a tea to treat cold and flu symptoms as well as an antiseptic. Wild Bergamot also goes by the name Bee Balm, as it attracts a host of pollinators. Specifically, honeybees collect pollen from Wild Bergamot with which they make honey. In addition to its many attributes as a native, herbaceous pollinator, it also yields striking blooms. The soft purple color of its flowers contrast the spiky texture of its petals. Wild Bergamot is a plant whose beauty, history, and details you don’t want to just pass by.


Published by MHS Blog November 24, 2021