Nov 24, 2021 MHS Blog


Salvia, or garden sage, is a fast growing perennial with many varieties native to North America. Commonly pictured with bluish-purple blooms, salvia also comes in a variety of blue, purple, pink, and red shades. Its versatility makes it an attractive plant for any garden—whether it’s a native, pollinator, herb garden. These sun-loving, drought- and heat-tolerant plants bloom all summer long. The popular kitchen herbs sage (salvia officinalis) and rosemary (salvia rosmarinus) belong to the salvia genus, which is part of the larger mint family (lamiaceae). And if that wasn’t enough, their fragrance and blooms also attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds while repelling deer and rabbits. The genus is named after the Latin word salvere, meaning “to heal,” for its use as a medicinal herb. You’ll find Salvia in many places throughout the Gardens. There are patches of pink and purple in the Trial Garden, beds of blue in Bressingham, as well as hints of pastel hues in the Herb Garden.bee on salvia 2


Published by MHS Blog November 24, 2021