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Bulb Care

Caring for your tulip bulbs!

Clean off bulbs. If your bulbs still have flowers attached, cut the flowers (display flowers in a vase of cool water).

Store for the summer. In a cool, dry place, lay out bulbs flat in a crate or on top of a brown paper bag for the season. You could also store in recycled mesh produce bags and hang them up in your basement to promote air circulation.

Prepare to plant. Bulbs are ready to be planted starting around November and until the ground can no longer be worked (with mild winters, you could plant in December!). 

Spacing: We plant 15 bulbs per square foot. If you want a similar effect to our display, you should plant them densely. If you want them more spread out and airy, you can plant them further apart.

Depth: Bulbs planted lower in the ground are more successful. All tulip bulbs should be planted at least 6 inches below the ground.

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