The Gardens at Elm Bank

Bressingham Garden (2)

Bressingham Garden

Added in 2007 and designed by plantsman Adrian Bloom of Bressingham, England, this garden was installed in two days by more than 200 volunteers. 

Daylily Garden

The Daylily Garden boasts more than 100 varieties of heirloom daylilies. A popular low-maintenance perennial, this species comes in thousands of colors, which you can see blooming in mid-summer.

Goddess Garden

These statues are the Roman goddesses Flora, Ceres, and Pomona. They were originally installed on the facade of the 2nd Horticulture Hall in Boston.

Hartley Botanic Greenhouse

Installed in 2017, this beautiful greenhouse displays how home gardeners can accommodate and use a greenhouse on their property.

Historic Daffodil and Native Plant Garden

The Noanett Garden Club installed and has maintained the Historic Daffodil and Native Plant Garden for the last 20 years.

Jim Crockett Memorial Garden

This relaxing area is a favorite for picnics and catching up with friends. Dedicated to honor Jim Crockett (of PBS's 'The Victory Garden'). 
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Maple Grove

In between the Jim Crockett Memorial Garden and the Goddess Garden sits Maple Grove. A large lawn area fit for concerts, picnics, events, and our Garden Tails Story Time, Maple Grove provides an open space at the center of the gardens.

Manor House

In 1907, Alice Cheney-Baltzell, the last individual to live on this property, hired Carrere and Hastings—the firm that designed the NY Public Library—to design this house.

Olmsted Italianate Garden

This garden was designed by Percivial Gallagher of the Olmsted Firm and functioned as a room of the Manor House with its tall, hedged walls.

Alan Peyton Memorial Rhododendron Garden

Planted in the Rhododendron Garden are unusual small-leaved varieties and full-sun varieties of rhododendron.
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Seed to Table Vegetable Garden

This garden was established with the purpose to help people learn about growing their own food.

Shade Garden

This garden features a variety of hosta and other shade-loving plants, such as ferns and pulmonaria. Many of the hosta were donated by the New England Hosta Society.


Teaching Herb Garden

Planted like a clock, each wedge has a theme highlighting the herb's use or history. In the Culinary Garden, you’ll see kitchen favorites like thyme, chives, and other flavorful edibles.
Asian garden postcard

Temple and Asian Gardens

This garden was part of the Olmsted firm's original 1907 design. MHS is undergoing the process of restoring this garden, which is currently in the stage of permitting.
Trial Garden with Greenhouse

Trial Garden

The first garden installed by MHS; it is one of three trial gardens in New England, and tests new and unreleased varieties of annuals and perennials, as well as heirloom vegetables.

Weezie's Garden for Children

Inspired by an unfurling fern, the garden layout mimics a series of fern fronds, each ‘frond’ offering a different theme to engage the senses.
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