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  "Romance in the Garden" at the Boston Flower & Garden Show
March 12-16, 2014
Seaport World Trade Center
Schedule at a Glance

"Budding Affairs"

Division 111



CLASS 1 The Love Bug (An extreme close-up) 6 entries
CLASS 2 Reflections of Lost Love 6 entries
CLASS 3 On Cloud Nine (A NOVICE CLASS) 6 entries
CLASS 4 Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil (B/W) 6 entries
CLASS 5 Tropical Heat 6 entries
CLASS 6 Love Triangle 6 entries

A creatively manipulated image.
Plant material NOT required but may be included if desired.
A 4x6” photo of original image must accompany each finalist’s entry.
The class titles are meant to inspire you.
So, let your imagination and creative juices flow and have fun!
All entries are to be in color with the exception of Class 4,
which must be black & white.


Digital Entries

1. This is a juried show. Advance e-mail registration is required and must be accompanied by a digital image of the photo being entered.

2. An exhibitor may submit only one image per class and have no more than two entries in the show.

3. The digital images will be juried by a panel of photography judges to determine the six finalists in each class. Digital images will not be returned. The finalists will print and mount their photographs for final judging in the Photography Division of the Mass Hort Flower & Garden Show. (See Finalists section)


January 17, 2014 Deadline for receipt of registration form and digital image.
February 1 Entrants receive juried results.
February 25 Deadline for receipt of finalist's printed photographs.
March 11 Finalists judged.
March 12-16 Show open to the public.
March 16 Show closes.

Photos may be picked up no earlier than 6 pm. and no later than 7:30 pm.

Registration Online:

  • EACH PHOTO must have it's own registration form. Please do not double up or your images may be lost.  Click on this link to register 
  • E-mail your digital photo (in jpeg format between 1-5 megabites) to: Beth Herod at
  • Please change the file name of your digital photograph to your first initial, last name and class number you are entering; instead of the jpeg numbers/letters. (for example, S. Smith,1)
  • Put "Mass Hort Photography Entry" in subject line of your e-mail
  • Receipt of your e-mailed registration and digital photograph will be acknowledged by the committee.
General Guidelines

1. Photographs that have won first place in any Major Flower or Photography Show may not be entered in competition again. A photograph that was previously entered and did not place first, may be entered again if the image is altered and newly printed.

2. Each photograph must be the work of the exhibitor under whose name it is registered.

3. Any use of creative techniques at any stage must be the work of the exhibitor. This includes enhancement for color or clarity, removal of a part of the image, combining images, or distorting the original subject.

4. Photography exhibitors should enter subjects consistent with the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's interests, such as horticulture, gardens and landscapes, the environment, historic preservation, civic improvement and the natural world.

5. Plant material must be included in your photograph unless noted in the schedule. Identification of plant material is not required but is encouraged whenever possible.


  • Any accepted photograph must be mounted on BLACK foamcore cut to the exact size of the image with no over-matting. The overall circumference of the image must not exceed 60" and must not be smaller than 48". The shape is up to the exhibitor as long as it's within the acceptable circumference.
  • Glass and framing are not permitted. Mounting and printing may be done professionally.
  • Each entry must have the Entry Form ( page 5) affixed to the back of the photo and must include the following information:

(1) exhibitor's name
(2) novice? (a novice is one who has never won a blue ribbon in any photography or flower show)
(3) garden club or association (if applicable)
(4) contact information
(5) class entered
(6) plant material identification (if possible)
(7) brief description of location and statement of intent, if any.
  • The top of the photograph must be indicated on the back of the photo.
  • Color of the staging background will be black or dark gray. Photos will be judged from a range of close up to a maximum distance of four feet away.Final photographs must be received no later than February 25.
  • Send photographs to Christine Paxhia, 1027 Brush Hill Road, Milton, MA 02186
  • If forced to withdraw, an exhibitor must notify the division chairman and/or class consultant immediately
  • If a photograph entry is to be returned, the exhibitor must provide a self-addressed return label, return envelope, and a check (payable to Christine Paxhia) in the amount of $10. Any award(s)received will be included.
  • Suggested shipping instructions:

    Use two 15" X 19", or larger, bubble wrap envelopes. (Smaller envelopes are too tight to easily get images in and out with their various wrappings.) Please do not use boxes.

    Wrap your matted image between 2 suitable pieces of foam core (this is very light) or non-bendable cardboard, which will be reused for return.

    Place wrapped image and folded self-addressed return envelope inside the mailing envelope.

  • POSTAGE: Please include a $10 check, payable to Christine Paxhia, to cover return postage and handling. Please do not enclose stamps, UPS labels, or postage meter strips.

  • POSTAGE: Please include a $10 check, payable to Christine Paxhia, to cover return postage and handling. Please do not enclose stamps, UPS labels, or postage meter strips.
  • If return envelope and check are not included, it will be assumed that the image will not be returned.
  • Only the photography committee may reclassify an entry.
  • After final judging in March, a follow-up letter or e-mail will be sent to all photography exhibitors listing the results of the Photography Division.

Class Consultants :

Beth Hume
603 433-9092
cell: (603) 475-4287

Christine Paxhia
(617) 686-0733
cell: (617) 333-4691


The following awards may be given:

  • Massachusetts Horticultural Society Novice Award
  • Massachusetts Horticultural Society Corliss Engle Photography Award
  • Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Photography
  • Best in Show

Photos will be judged by the following Scale of Points:

 Composition  25
 Technical Skill  20
 Conformance/Interpretation  20
 Distinction  10
 Total:  100
click here to download 2014 Photography Competitive Schedule >>

About the Massachusetts Horticultural Society

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