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  "Season of Enchantment" at the Boston Flower & Garden Show
March 11-15, 2014
Seaport World Trade Center
Schedule at a Glance

"Magical Moments"

Division III



CLASS 1 Enchanted April
An image inspired by the wonder of Spring
6 entries
CLASS 2 The Princess and the Pea
A close-up or macro image that enchants with the smallest details
6 entries
CLASS 3 Water Fairies
A photo featuring the charming properties of water
6 entries
CLASS 4 Frozen
A black & white photo that captures a magical moment in time
6 entries

Mirror, Mirror
An image that captures the glamour of reflections.

6 entries
CLASS 6 Fantasia
A creatively manipulated photo that allows imagination to run wild.
A 4 x 6 image of the original must accompany the final entry.

6 entries
Open to Photographers Age 14 and under.
Please see separate Registration Rules for this Class within the Registration Guidelines
CLASS 7 Magical Moments
A photograph interpreting the theme of the Boston Spring Flower and Garden Show

20 entries



1. This show is open to Amateur photographers only. Photographers are not considered Amateurs if they are consistently compensated for their photography.


2. This is a juried show, except for Class 7, Youth Class. Advance email registration for all classes is required and, except for Class 7, Youth Class, registrations must be accompanied by a digital copy of the photo being entered.


3. For the juried portion of the Show, Classes 1-6, an exhibitor may submit only one Registration Form per Class, and may enter no more than two classes.


4. The digital photos will be juried by a panel of photography judges to determine the six finalists in each class, plus two alternates. Finalists must freshly print and mount their photos for display at The Boston Spring Flower and Garden Show. The alternates will be notified if they become a finalist.


5. Class 7 is open to photographers age 14 and younger and will not be juried. Entries in this class will be accepted in the order in which the registrations are received, up to a limit of 20 entries. Finalists will be notified by e-mail if their registrations have been accepted.


6. Entrants in Classes 1-6 must indicate on the Registration Form whether they are a Novice. For this Show, a Novice is defined as anyone who has not won a blue ribbon in any photography show open to the public. An Amateur is someone who does not profit from their photography.


7. Timetable:


a. Friday, January 16, 2015 Registration Deadline


b. Saturday, January 31, 2015 Notification of Results of the jury and final acceptance into the Show.


c. Tuesday, February 24, 2015 Final receipt of printed photos for the Show.


d. Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Photography finalists judged.


e. March 11-15, 2015 Show opens to the public.


f. Sunday, March 15 Show closes, 5:00 p.m.


8. To Enter

a. Complete the Registration Form by CLICKING ON THIS LINK and submit with your digital image attached. For Class 7, please click on the link and submit the form, but a digital image does not have to be attached.


b. Each entry must have its own Registration Form. Registration forms with more than one photo attached will not be accepted.


c. Digital images must be submitted as jpegs, sized between 1 and 5 megabytes, and must accompany the Registration. Smaller images will not be large enough to be displayed on screen for jurying.


d. Rename your digital photo file name to your first initial, last name and class number. For example: CWood1.jpeg, rather than IMG-1.jpeg.


9. Plant material is required in all classes.


10. Any manipulation done to the photo must be done before the digital entry is submitted. Manipulation at the time of exposure, in the darkroom, or by computer is allowed in all classes and must be the work of the exhibitor. This includes cropping of the image, enhancement for color or clarity, removal of a part of the image, combining images, or distorting the original subject.


11. Photos that have won a blue ribbon in a previous public Photography Show may not be entered into this competition. If accepted into the show, the photograph must be newly mounted for judging and display.


The following set of rules applies to finalists chosen from the juried part of The Boston Flower and Garden Show Photography Division, and the entrants in the Youth Class who have been notified that they are finalists.


1. When the photographer has been notified that their photograph has been accepted for final judging, they should prepare their photograph for hanging at the Show. The printed photo must match the digital image in all respects including color, cropping, and/or manipulation. The photo will be returned to the exhibitor if the Photography Division Committee determines:


a. The print is significantly different from the digital submission.


b. The print is matted incorrectly.


c. The print and/or mat do not appear to be in Show condition.


The Photography Division Committee will ask the exhibitor to reprint and/or remount the photo if these conditions apply. The newly mounted photo must be resubmitted to The Boston Flower and Garden Show prior to Tuesday, March 3, 2015 to be included in the Show.


2. Each entry must be labeled on the back of the mounting board with the following information (or you can print and fill out the form attached at the end of these Guidelines):


a. Class Entered (number and title)


b. Name


c. Address


d. Telephone Number and Email Address


e. Location of photo and plant material (optional)


f. Title or brief statement of intent (optional, 25 words or less)


g. Novice? (yes/no). A Novice is a photographer who has not won a blue ribbon in any Major public photography show.


h. The top of the photograph must be indicated. Do not attach anything to the back of the photo to hang it as this will be handled by the Committee.


3. The final show quality print of the photograph must be mounted onto black foam core with no over-matting. The surface finish of the photograph is the choice of the exhibitor.


4. For all classes except for Class 7, the Youth Class, the finished size of the mounted photograph must be at least 48 inches in perimeter, but may not exceed the total perimeter dimension of 60 inches (for example, an 11 x 14 print).


5. Class 6 entries must include a 4 x 6 print of the original image(s).


6. For Class 7, the Youth Class, the photograph must be 8 x 10, mounted on black foam core with no over-matting.


7. The photographs must be the work of the exhibitor. Printing and mounting may be done professionally.


8. Glass and framing are not permitted.


9. Finalists’ mounted photographs must be received by Tuesday, February 24, 2015.


10. For Classes 1-6, mail photographs to:
Kathy Farber
16 Kenilworth Road
Worcester, MA 01609


For Class 7, the Youth Class, mail photographs to:


Meg Kasuba
13 Loew Circle
Milton, MA 02186


11. If the printed photo is not received by Tuesday, February 24, 2015, the Photography Division will assume you have withdrawn your entry and your entry position will be given to an alternate.


12. If you wish to receive your entry back after the Show, please include a self-addressed return envelope (large bubble wrap envelopes preferred), packing material (foam core or firm cardboard to protect the image from bending), and a $10 check made payable to Kathy Farber. Please label all packing material. Any funds remaining after the photos have been returned will be donated to The Massachusetts Horticultural Society.

Creativity  25
Composition  25
Technical Skill  20
Conformance/Interpretation  20
Distinction  10
Total:  100

All Finalists will be notified by e-mail of the results of the Judging as soon as possible after the Judging takes place.

The following Awards may be given:
• Massachusetts Horticultural Society Novice Award
• Massachusetts Horticultural Society Corliss Engle Photography Award
• Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Photography
• Best in Show

Boston Flower Show 2015 Photography committee
Co- Chairmen: Christine Paxhia
Chris Wood
Registration: June Eichmaum
Finalists' entries: Kathy Farber
Finalists report: Ann Franzen
Judges: Helen Glaenzer
Juried Show: Ellen Dawson
Awards: Karen Werner
Youth Division: Meg Kasuba
Schedule: Christine Paxhia
Chris Wood
Helen Glaenzer
Beth Hume
Advisors: Beth Hume
Arabella Dane
Caroline Whitney  
click here to download 2015 Photography Competitive Schedule >>

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