Weezie's Garden for Children

Designed by Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio, this layout highlights small 'rooms' in one large space, created to engage the senses and spark imagination. Inspired by an unfurling fern, the garden layout mimics a series of fern fronds, each ‘frond’ offering a different theme to engage the senses. Rooms include a pollinator garden, backyard wildlife garden, and more. A highlight of this garden is the misting water feature surrounded by colorful stones. These stones are petrified wood, a form of fossil, which ties into the prehistoric plants and ginkgo tree growing nearby.

Smell the fragrant flowers in the Pollinator Garden. These plants support different pollinators, such as bees, moths, and butterflies, at every phase of their life cycle. Feel the fuzzy leaves of lamb’s ear and mullein as you settle into the birds’ nests of the Backyard Wildlife Garden. Listen to the babbling water in the New England Waterways Garden and search for fish and tadpoles hiding in the shade of plants that grow there. Grow tasty food in Weezie’s Vegetable Patch. You can look for themes like a Native American Garden and a Victory Garden.


Discover Weezie's with this fun exploration of Weezie's Garden for Children!