Natick Girl Scouts plant daffodils for Marathon Daffodils Project

Fantastic team effort today from the Natick Girl Scouts (Sat., 11/2) on the Boston Marathon Daffodils Project.  Over 120 girls participated plus wonderful parent volunteers who kept the girls safe at busy intersections and mentored them in the art of planting bulbs.  Much credit should go to Tracy Sivak (The Scout Organizer) and Art Goodhind (Natick Land Facilities and Natural Resources Director) both of whom served as co-leaders of the project.  Not to mention several members of the DPW staff, Rodney Spinazola and others who helped deploy and pick up cones, bulbs, tools, etc.)  I was privileged to work with the group up at Honey Dew Donuts Mini-Mall, and across the street at O'Keefe and Gale (Attorneys).  Many others worked at the Natick Common and other locations along Rte 135.  This is only a sampling of photos from that location.  There will be many more.  Thanks again for this remarkable effort.  Just think of how beautiful it will be next April and how it honors the many heroes and victims of last year's tragedy.  Natick is truly the Home of Champions and these young people are among them.

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