End of Summer Bressingham Update

Did you know that Monarch Butterflies migrate 1200-2800 miles in the fall? The Monarchs that migrate are a special generation renewed each year and they have never been on this journey before. The migration has begun and the last two weeks in Bressingham it would be rare to not see a Monarch. Ok the last few days would be the exception.

Did you also know that American Goldfinchs are our last songbirds to nest and they don't begin until August. Their favorite foods are flower and weed seeds and so they produce young at the time of year when both are most abundant. Bressingham has quite a colony of goldfinchs that tend to hang out in the echinacea, the rudbeckia, and the monarda. It is not unusual to see flocks of 10 to 20 birds taking off when disturbed.

So now you guys know what I really do all day in Bressingham...if only it were true.

To update you all, a week ago this past Monday we had quite a crew of volunteers working in the garden. Weeding and pruning, with Paul Miskovsky working some magic with the betula nigra "Little King" and a volunteer Mulberry tree being eliminated after a good two years hiding in plain site. This past Monday the rain pretty much cancelled all activity in the garden and there are no complaints on that score. Today I feel as though I may have overdone the raindance a bit much, but still no complaints.

Deadheading is going along nicely and mulching has become a minor event, just filling in some spots that need touch ups.

The goal at this point is to continue to stay ahead of weeds and deadheading and to re-edge the beds where things have gotten messy.

We are coming down the stretch to Adrian Bloom's visit and there are a few chores to finish up between now and then. Edges are prominent on the list. Also, we need to smooth and fluff the mulch so it appears to have descended gently onto the beds. A bit more general plant grooming and bed maintenance will go a long way.

As you all must know by now, Adrian will be here in September for the Perennial Plant Association Seminar on the 22nd. Some time during that week we will likely have a day in the garden with Adrian and Paul Miskovsky, planting included. We'll keep you updated when schedules are flushed out a bit more.

You may also know that Paul Miskovsky is having a fundraiser on Thursday, September 23rd for MHS. "An Evening with Adrian Bloom" will take place in Paul Miskovsky's garden in Falmouth and promises to be a delight on several levels. Paul's garden is amazing and the opportunity to see it and explore all it's hidden secrets is not to be missed. By the 23rd Adrian will have seen how Bressingham has progressed this past year and it should be fascinating to hear how he feels about it and what he sees in the future for this garden. The Bressingham garden itself is meant to be the beneficiary of the fundraiser. It has become clear that having a dedicated person to do the maintenance is key to the future success of the garden and the funds to help that be a reality may come from this event.

Also, keep in mind that Paul knows how to throw a party and garden people seem to know how to enjoy one. In case you haven't figured it out I can hardly wait! I hope you'll consider joining us for a fun night.

As usual I am in the garden all day Friday and Saturday, most Mondays and sometimes for a few hours on Thursday as well. Please feel free to drop by when I'm there. I love the company. If you can't make it on those days but would like to help other some other day, feel free to drop me an email and I'll share my chores list with you.

Thanks to all for so much help in the garden this summer. It really shows and it is definately not a one person job.