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Book Reviews

With the great number of new titles published in the field of horticulture, we thought it would be helpful to our membership and the public at large to provide book reviews of new titles and books that have withstood the test of time. Each book reviewed here is available at our library.

The Sweet Pea Book

The Sweet Pea Book

There is a long series of books about the sweet pea. This delicate flower has had its champions since the late 1870s but the formal literary accompaniment began in 1892 with the Reverend William T. Hutchins’ All About Sweet Peas-an art monograph. The book was published by the W. Atlee Burpee company and followed five years later by another one, Sweet Peas Up-to-date. Both of these short works can be seen on the Cornell University website because of their historic importance.

The Cottage Garden

There are many books which purport to describe the classic English cottage garden, but they are only vehicles for handsome photographs of landscape designers’ misguided efforts. Roy Genders, an English expert on horticulture, approached this topic with exemplary historical skill.

Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime

Kenneth Helphand, a noted landscape architect and professor of landscape architecture at the University of Oregon, Eugene, has come up with an amazing theme. He had seen a photograph of soldiers in the first world war standing next to a garden they had made at the front. The image stuck in his mind and led him to a series of researches culminating in this book.

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2017-2018 Calendar & Courses

2017-2018 Calendar and Courses

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