Meeting and Classrooms at Massachusetts Horticultural Society

The Education Building

The Education Building at Massachusetts Horticultural Society has three meeting rooms on the first floor. Both men’s and women’s bathrooms and handicapped accessible bathroom are located on the first floor.

Contact us for rates and booking information by filling out an information request form or by calling 617-933-4921. 

The Parkman Room

The Parkman Room is a large classroom accommodating 85 theatre style and 45 classroom style. The room is carpeted and has air conditioning. 

Parkman_2366.JPG Parkman_2367.JPG

The Cheney Room

The Cheney Room accommodates 25 classroom style, 20-25 conference style, and 40 theatre style. This room has a tile floor.

Cheney_2368.JPG Cheney_2369.JPG

 Cheney Room Configuration

The Dearborn Board Room

The Dearborn Board Room accommodates 12-14 people around an antique board table.

DearbornBoardRoom.JPG DearbornRoom_2371.JPG


Crockett Garden

Adjacent to the Education Building is the Crockett Garden which makes a great outside venue for a small dinner for 25, or a cocktail party.

CrocketGarden_1721.JPG IMG_2166.JPG
6. the audience.jpg