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Special Offers

Mass Hort works with a number of quality companies to provide our members and other supporters special offers related to horticulture.

bloomin bucks

Bloomin' Bucks Combines Great Prices on Premium Bulbs For a Worthy Cause (Us)

Let's see if any of the following apply to you:

*You plant spring- and summer-flowering bulbs in your garden
*You insist on exceptionally high- quality bulbs for your garden
*You also insist on the widest variety of new introductions and standard bulbs

*You expect fair pricing for those bulbs

*You think MassHort is a worthy organization

If the above describes you, then you'll want to print this out and save it. That's because MassHort has teamed with Brent and Becky's Bulbs on a program that gets you great prices on the premium bulbs that grace such sites as the New York Botanical Garden.

You get Brent and Becky's catalog prices on their exceptionally broad range of bulbs and their great service and guarantees. MassHort gets a rebate for having directed the business to them.

Brent and Becky's is well known to bulb aficionados around the country. They are third-generation bulb growers and have a well-deserved reputation as terrific daffodil hybridizers. Those who had the opportunity to hear Brent Heath's presentation in May as part of the 'Wednesday Evenings at Elm Bank' series got to hear a man who not only knows bulbs, but who cares passionately about environmental issues.

Brent and Becky's has also been a good friend to MassHort. Those 10,000 daffodils that bloomed along the Greenway this Spring were made possible by a donation from the Heaths.

If all this appeals to you, then all you need to do is start your bulb search at You'll see a pull-down menu of organizations associated the referral program. Choose MassHort. You'll then be directed to the Brent and Becky's web site, where you can shop for books, bulbs, tools, supplements, gift certificates and more. Your order is processed normally and there are no restrictions as to minimum or maximum quantities, or 'off limits' merchandise. As long as you checked off MassHort on the Bloomin' Bucks website, we're credited with the referral. To start shopping, click on the banner below...

Bloomin Bucks


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