Board of Trustees

Role of the Board of Trustees

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society Board of Trustees currently has 18 members. The Board actively seeks to maintain a good mix of professional backgrounds and experiences, and a healthy balance of gender and age. Trustees are elected for terms of 3 years, up to a maximum of 3 terms (except when serving as President of the Board). Trustees are elected at the Annual Meeting in October.

  • To act collectively to support and govern the organization
  • To ensure that the mission is fulfilled
  • To select, support and review the Executive Director
  • To insure that there are guiding policies and principles
  • To insure effective organizational planning
  • To insure that there are adequate resources to support board approved plans
  • To support, individually and collectively, all board decisions and keep confidential the internal discussions
  • To manage resources effectively
  • To determine and monitor programs and services to ensure that they reflect the mission and the strategic priorities
  • To serve as a court of appeal
  • To assess its own performance
  • To be a member of Mass Hort and support the Massachusetts Horticultural Society financially to the best of member’s ability

Fiscal Year 2017

Wayne Mezitt , Chairman

Katherine K. Macdonald, President & Executive Director

Lisa Abeles

Mark Ahronian

Gretel Anspach

Wesley Autio

Lynne K. Bower

Amanda Clark MacMullan

Daniel Daly

Helen Glotzer

Keith Greenfield

Lisa Haddad

Alicia Hesse-Cleary

Susan S. Mooney

Caroline Nijenberg

Julia O’Brien

Robert Smith