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New England Daylily Society (NEDS)

Daylily Garden PathOur display garden at Elm Bank, which we planted in 2004, is an official American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) display garden and we are also an official Historic Daylily display garden as so many of our cultivars are pre-1970 daylilies, some over 100 years old --now that's what we call hardy perennials. We have a special section of Elizabeth Nesmith daylilies as she was the only Massachusetts gardener ever to win the coveted Stout Silver Medal. The 620+ cultivars displayed in our garden were all donated by members of NEDS to grow in zone 5b. They certainly love growing in the full-sun setting behind the Education Building and beside the Rhododendron Society garden. Every year some of the beautiful daylilies growing here are sold at our public sale and auction in August, which helps support the garden. All of our daylilies have markers which tell its name, what year the daylPastel Pink Daylilyily was registered with the AHS, who the hybridizer was, how tall the scape is supposed to be, the season of bloom, and other information like the size of the bloom, the color, and whether the daylily is a tetraploid or a diploid. We have daylilies from 1596 to 2007 included (specializing in local hybridizers) to show all kinds of cultivars: species, spiders, bagels, doubles, miniatures, eyed varieties, unusual forms, rebloomers, etc. in all colors. Some start blooming in May and others are blooming at frost with peak bloom July 1 to 25th, but my favorites, the late cultivars, start blooming in August. Our garden is a teaching garden and we love to pass on a lesson or two to all interested who pass by. We have donated "The New Daylily Handbook" to the MHS Library so members can learn all we know about the flower to which we are addicted. Pollen is allowed to be collected and taken home from our flowers to yours should you wish to produce your own seeds. Photographers are always welcome and should know that our flowers photograph best between 9 and 10 in the morning, and when the sun is not strong.

Shaker Dance.DaylilyThe purpose of the New England Daylily Society (NEDS) is to promote, encourage and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis, and public interest therein, by all suitable and appropriate means. Our website is and lists our meetings, etc. Membership in NEDS is complementary to membership in the American Hemerocallis Society. There are no additional NEDS dues. Members receive a monthly newsletter, which contains information on upcoming club meetings and events. We hold a member's plant sale and auction in May and a sale and auction for the public in August. We hold an exhibition of hundreds of daylily scapes in July except for the summer of 2008 when we will be hosting a regional daylily tour of gardens in New Hampshire that weekend. We listen to wonderful speakers and view thousands of pictures of our favorite flower and have photo contests. We get to view the latest seedlings of our own New England hybridizers and learn to hybridize ourselves. As part of our $25 dues to AHS we receive a subscription to The Daylily Journal and two issues of "Daylilies in the Great Northeast." We have a Daylily Robin on the Internet enabling us to follow daylily blooming around the world and a Yahoo Group for NEDS where we can exchange information locally.

Barbara Provest, NEDS Display Garden Manager

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