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The Boston Globe GRANT (Globe Readers And Non-profits Together) program is back, giving subscribers a super easy, no-cost way to support the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. With your continued support, help Mass Hort be one of New England's non-profits recognized this year! The Boston Globe grants advertising space to nonprofits, based on the number of votes the nonprofit receives. Help MASS HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY jump to the top of the leaderboard! Thank you.
Here's how it works:

• This month, be on the lookout for your GRANT recipient voucher in the mail or by email.
• Specify "Massachusetts Horticultural Society" as your 501(c)(3) charity of choice, and mail or submit it no later than April 30 – all at no cost to you.
• Or don't wait – simply fill out the Globe's online grant voucher now using your subscriber number, email, or phone number.

Globe GRANT recognition comes with free advertising space for organizations with the highest voucher donations, helping to promote Mass Hort's mission. Thank you for choosing Mass Hort as your favorite non-profit!

Zee Camp