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Weezie's Garden for Children

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Daily fun for the whole family in Weezie’s Garden for Children at Mass Hort’s The Gardens at Elm Bank

Isn’t it time you come back for a fresh look at The Gardens at Elm Bank?

Bring the generations together to stroll through 36 acres of inspiring gardens, and over 100 acres of woodland and riverfront trails, and all of the fun interactions with nature and wildlife that happen when we carve out family time together in the great outdoors.  Bring a picnic…and leave no traces.

Join us for our 11:00 daily garden tours to learn more about garden history, meaningful plants, and what you can do right in your own back yard!

Bring your children and grand-children for our kids programs in the newly restored Weezie’s Garden for Children at Mass Hort, and help them share the love you learned for gardening at a young age. 

This year, Mass Hort has completely renovated Weezie’s Garden for Children to make this beautiful space even more fun and engaging for families. We have also added new youth educators into the garden so that each morning, we can offer programs which change throughout the seasons.

Studies show that on average, kids know fewer than 10 animals and plants in their own back yards, and that they know more about the rainforest than our Northeast landscape…so let Mass Hort help make the connections that get your family unplugged and back out into the garden and woods!

Daily Children’s programming: Tuesday through Sunday from 10-11, Mass Hort hosts a free drop-in program in Weezie’s garden. Each program features an exploration of the garden through the eyes of a child.  “Buzz About” helps kids explore the world of pollinators while they visit. “Plant a Seed, Save a Seed” helps kids understand the value and fun of seed saving, and growing your own veggies and becoming citizen scientists. “Frogs, bogs and polliwogs” turns our water features into a fun exploration of our regional habitat and the plants and creatures that grow there. “Nature’s classroom” helps families explore fun, seasonal observation skills and nature crafts, such as pressing flowers or making wreaths.

Weezie’s Children’s Garden: New areas for learning and play in Weezie’s include: Enchanted Woodland – the new garden entryway which encourages children of all ages to find magic and inspiration in nature. Fun features include a fairy mound, fairy house (built by children’s author Tracy Kane) and giant stone mushrooms to play and build fairy houses among. Kids seed to table veggie garden – including grandma’s veggie patch, a Native American 3 sister’s garden, vine teepee, and daily programs to learn about heirloom seed saving (and take some home to grow)!

The buzz about pollinator garden – a space dedicated to learning about and enjoying butterflies, birds, bees and the plants which inspire them to visit our yards.Dinosaur den – a new water feature and garden of prehistoric plants, including a petrified forest!

Tea party garden – an interactive space featuring herbal tea plants and a rustic outdoor tea set where families can learn the skills to make herbal beverages at home, or leave some for the fairies that visit from the enchanted woodland.

Frogs, bogs and polliwogs – a new water feature modeled after our New England waterways and designed to make connections between environment, habitat and the water we drink!

Turtle’s back sandbox – a fun play space with a giant stone turtle reminiscent of the Native American creation story of the earth forming on a turtles back. The sandbox now also includes “dinosaur fossils” to help teach about the layered history of place that we learn about when we scratch beneath the surface.

Nature’s classroom – a new rustic camp style outdoor classroom and picnicking space where kids can learn about composting, vermiculture “worm farms” or have fun learning seasonal nature crafts.

Kids at play – an outdoor room which will come to include lawn games, a labyrinth, and other fun connections to healthy exercise and play in the great outdoors.

Wondrous wildlife – a space to encourage observation and find connections to our own back yard habitat and the wildlife we share it with in.

Rustic Tower – the rustic tower perched above the garden and strung with bird houses, where families can look out over the garden, watch birds, and explore resources to peak the naturalist in each of us.

Weezie’s story circle – offers a chanceto meet new friends, share stories, songs and games. Readers from Dover Town Library bring their “Super Awesome Fun Times” to Mass Hort each Wednesday at 10:30 am, June through August. This is a free entry program.

Special Older youth programs - hosted in the garden on the last Tuesday of June, July and August from 1-2:30. Programs are developed for youth ages 8-13. Each month explore the garden and learn the science of how plants grow, how pollinators and other insects make our food, and how we can grow our own food at home. Pre-registration is only required for these 3 programs

Family Discover Guide – Check out our free download to engage your kids in all of the gardens at Elm Bank

This beautiful garden destination, located in Metro West and fifteen miles from downtown Boston, offers over 16 acres of gardens and historic landscapes. The Gardens at Elm Bank are open from May 1 through Columbus Day, Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am – 4pm. Admission is free for Mass Hort Members, for Visitors: Adults: $8, Children under 12 free with adult. The entrance is located at 900 Washington Street (Route 16), Wellesley, MA. Parking is free and the new entrance is Flora, The Visitors Center.


About Weezie's Garden

Weezie's Garden Dedication Plaque
Weezie's Garden for Children
Designed as an outdoor experience
to touch the curious and playful child in all of us.


mt_ignore: Julie Moir Messervy
Julie Moir Messervy

Weezie’s Garden was dedicated on June 8, 2003. The master plan for Elm Bank always envisioned a childrens garden as a place for hands on activities. Because of the generosity of the Weezie Foundation we now have this amazing garden. It was beautifully designed by Julie Messervy with the help of Ed Hartranft, and expertly installed by Valley Crest/Schumacher Landscapers.

Who is Weezie? Weezie was the nickname of a little girl called “Louise” who died many years ago. Her family set up a foundation to honor her and help children. We like to think that Weezie is the little child in all of us, the one who never grows up. This garden is as much for us and our children as to remember her.


Weezie's Garden for Children 



Weezies Waterways with kidweb3


About the Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Mass Hort logo newFounded in 1829, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society is dedicated to encouraging the science and practice of horticulture and developing the public's enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of plants and the environment.

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Sat May 07 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
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Wed May 11 @10:00AM - 04:00PM
Botanical Art for Beginners
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Landscape Plants Credited Course
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Landscape Plants Credited Course
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Jazzing Up the Garden with Color, Contrast and Movement
Wed Jun 01 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Hands-On Floral Design
Wed Jun 29 @10:00AM - 11:00AM
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