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Annual Appeal 2014

Dear Friends,

Who inspired your love of plants and gardens? Was it a parent, grandparent, friend, teacher, or neighbor?

Now you have the opportunity to help inspire a whole new generation of gardeners by supporting the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Your contribution to the Annual Fund helps us continue to grow and share our love for horticulture with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Consider making a donation today in honor of the person who introduced you to the world of horticulture, or in hopes of sharing your passion with someone in the next generation. Someone like our intern Olivia, a high school senior from Concord, who told us about her inspiration:

JackHessewith GrandaughterOliviaCleary
Jack Hesse with granddaughter, Olivia

 donatenow_new_small.jpgOne of the things I can remember as a kid is that I looked forward to going to my grandparents’ house. Seeing my grandfather’s growing trays in the basement was a highlight of the trip. My grandfather took great care and pride in his plants, and, ever since I can remember, he was growing them. He would bring me down into the basement and explain to me the growing process of plants. Each time I came back to their home, the plants would grow a little bigger, and soon enough they were transplanted outside. My grandpa and I shared this common interest, so one summer he encouraged me to grow my own outdoor garden from seed. He helped me find the perfect ingredients for the perfect garden and, by the end of the season, carrots, arugula and beets were abundant.”

“Since then, I have furthered my interest in plants with his help. He encouraged me to seek an internship with Mass Hort. I am now in high school and designing a garden planter/bee pollinator to be exhibited outside the science center. It is an independent project that combines my interests in design, plants and environmental science. If it hadn't been for my grandfather's passion and knowledge of plants, I wouldn't have loved plants and gardens as I do today.”

Like Olivia, many of us have developed a love for plants thanks to mentors, family, friends, and organizations such as the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Our diverse programs, from Story Hours to Plantmobile visits to lectures to the annual Flower Show, encourage gardeners of all ages to explore the wonders of horticulture. In the coming years, we aspire to connect multiple generations —children, parents, and grandparents—with the timeless pleasure that comes from nurturing plants, caring for gardens, and exploring the environment through hands-on education. Your donation to the annual fund will help the Society continue to grow and delivery our mission into the future by supporting educational programs and the care and maintenance of our beautiful gardens at Elm Bank.

Warm regards,

R. Wayne Mezitt                    Katherine K. Macdonald
Wayne Mezzit and KMac Signatures small
Chairman of the Board          President

P.S. Your contribution to the Annual Fund is 100% tax deductible. Your support makes it possible for Mass Hort to engage multiple generations in the art and science of horticulture.

About the Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Massachusetts Horticultural Society LogoFounded in 1829, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society is dedicated to encouraging the science and practice of horticulture and developing the public's enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of plants and the environment.

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